What Dog Training Services Do You Need?


Does your dog freak out when you leave? Maybe your landlord or neighbors have complained about your dog’s barking or howling when they are left alone, or you come home to find your doorways mangled and pillow fluff strewn around the house. There is hope, you and your dog do not need to continue to suffer. I use science based systematic desensitization techniques to help your dog feel safe when left alone. Date night IS possible!


Prices based on services required.

Most complete package $840 (Initial assessment, daily support, 4 weekly reassessments)

Do you wish your dog could behave differently? Maybe they chew on your couch, are fearful of strangers, jump on guests, or bark insistently? It does not have to be that way.  Your dog has great potential and the ability to learn and understand how to live in harmony with you and their environment. My techniques help you lay strong behavior foundations and build upon them. I listen! Combining your needs and wants with the natural attributes of your pet, I help develop and enhance your bond with each other.

Prices based on services required and behavior severity.

Minimum of 4 appointments.

$125 - $200 per appointment