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When meeting a new client, I want to learn as much as possible. I not only focus on the reason I have been called, but how I can help strengthen the relationship between human and dog. My ultimate goal is to help you create the life you want with your dog, whether you wish for a hiking companion, a snuggle bug, or both; enriching the lives of you and your dog is possible.
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Why I do what I do

There is a family tale about how I learned to walk by grabbing the hair of our beloved dog and pulling myself up. Now, when I think about that I cringe and think how lucky I was to have a dog that took such things in stride. That pup became part of the family a few months before I did and shaped how I see these amazing, sensitive, loyal and dynamic creatures.

As I look back, I have so many memories of the dogs that have been in my life and how they helped mold me into the person I became. I seriously considered becoming a dog trainer as a first career, but ultimately took a very circuitous route into this fulfilling profession.

I always enjoyed learning and helping others learn. So once I decided to make the switch from just teaching people to teaching people and their dogs; I never looked back. Dog training and our understanding of dogs has changed so much since I used my beloved companion to balance me as I learned to walk. With new understanding comes the potential for increased connection with our dogs. I love to be able to pass on the latest scientific information and science based training techniques. One of the enjoyable aspects of working with my clients is watching their relationships with their dogs grow into loving partnerships.

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